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People of Monte Hermón- Reyna Rodríguez

 Reyna tells us that Monte Hermon was more than a school for her. It was her greatest blessing. The impact that Monte Hermon had on her life after suffering abuse and neglect was all she needed. The guidance and monitoring by Pastor Daniel Aragón, his wife, and the teachers was a total blessing. In addition, she was not the only one who received support. Her family also felt love and support from Monte Hermon. Thanks to the brigades that arrived at Monte Hermon, she and her family were able to receive medical attention. Currently, she is working in one of the ministries of the Morning Light Baptist Church and she thanks the staff of the School for always encouraging her to achieve her goals and for teaching her to lead and serve.

People of Monte Hermón- Josseling Vásquez
People of Monte Hermón- Wilmar Vásquez